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Condominium & Homeowner Associations

Being responsible for procuring proper insurance coverage for your condominium association can be a daunting task. Gulfshore Insurance understands the concerns and questions you may have when it comes to insuring your association.

Why Gulfshore Insurance?

At Gulfshore Insurance, we work with condominium property managers and condominium association boards to diagnose and recommend the appropriate
insurance coverage for your association. We offer professional service from experienced and knowledgeable personnel who specialize in community associations and understand their unique features. Gulfshore Insurance currently insures nearly 500 community and condominium associations throughout Southwest Florida.

We are committed to identifying your specific exposures; developing strategies to handle those risks; implementing insurance programs and coverages to meet your needs; and continuing to monitor and adjust your plan to ensure a perfect fit with your association. The professionals at Gulfshore Insurance will help you navigate the maze that insuring a community association can be. Gulfshore Insurance is a proud member of the following:

We work closely with association boards and property managers to provide customized insurance programs for all lines of coverage including:

• Casualty Insurance
• Directors & Officers
• Fidelity & Crime
• Flood Insurance
• General Liability Insurance
• Pollution Coverage
• Property & Wind Insurance
• Umbrella Insurance
• Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Risk Management services are provided for Association clients and vary based on need. Most clients rely on Gulfshore Insurance for:

• Construction & Sub-Contractor Review
• Insurance Requirements for Lease Agreement
• Vendor/Supplier Agreements
• Claims Management
• Proactive Safety & Loss Control Recommendations

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