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After you’ve created a Business Continuity Plan and reviewed your insurance policies with your agent, the rest is common sense…or is it? We share four tips that you may not have considered to help prepare your business in the event of a major hurricane…

  1. Consider securing a hotel rental in advance of a major hurricane. A hotel room can be utilized to help those employees who may not have power or water at their personal residence. Your employees can rotate use of the room, and will feel much more refreshed and able to quickly resume business operations.
  2. Porta-Johns may also be a necessity for your employees. In the case of massive flooding, sewer and septic systems may be non-functional. These, too, can be reserved ahead of time, so plan now.
  3. Many businesses already have generators. However, larger generators can also be rented and can come in handy after a major disaster. However, your business will need to get a contract in place now. Having generator power may be a critical component of resuming operations after the storm has passed. Once a storm hits, it may be too late to purchase a generator from a local home improvement store.
  4. Water and food for your employees may be necessary to help your business get operational as quickly as possible. We think about these things for our homes, but may not remember to stock these items for our business. Employees returning to work to help clean up the mess must have fresh drinking water and food. Stores and restaurants may not be open.

By going through the planning process, you may undoubtedly identify additional actions that your business will want to take to both minimize potential damage and to get your business up and running as quickly as possible in the aftermath of a storm.

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