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Everyone recognizes the value of protecting employees from harm. Businesses must also recognize that violations of workplace safety and health standards come with some form of civil or criminal penalties. With civil penalties of up to $70,000 for each violation, penalties can reach into the millions of dollars…

Most Cited Violations of 2011

  1. Scaffolding
  2. Fall Protection
  3. Hazard Communication
  4. Respiratory Protection
  5. Lockout/Tagout
  6. Electrical, Wiring Methods
  7. Powered Industrial Trucks
  8. Ladders
  9. Electrical – General Requirements
  10. Machine Guarding

During 2011, OSHA compliance officers conducted more than 41,000 inspections, resulting in over 96,742 violations.

OSHA has several different classes of violations that are based on how severe the violation is and how dangerous it is to employees. Depending on the results of your OSHA inspection, an OSHA Area Director can issue one or more of the following citations and propose the associated penalties against your facility:

Type of Violation/Penalty Maximum
• Serious/$7,000 per Violation
• Other than Serious/$7,000 per Violation
• Willful/$70,000 per Violation
• Repeated/$70,000 per Violation
• Failure to Abate/$7,000 per Day

Making workplace safety a priority can help protect your business from OSHA violations and severe penalties. For further assistance implementing an effective workplace safety program, contact your Gulfshore Insurance Client Advisor.

Tim Spear is a Client Advisor at Gulfshore Insurance. Tim works with a wide range of business clients to deliver strategic risk management and commercial property and casualty insurance guidance.

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