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The economic impact is pretty easy to project. If an insurance company is forced by law to pay over 150% more on high value claims, where do you think they are going to recoup that money? The answer is premium and rate increases, of course. This is exactly what can be expected in light of the February 28, 2013 First District Court of Appeal (DCA) decision regarding a case called Westphal v. St. Petersburg.
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Everyone knows April Fools’ Day is good for a few laughs, but nobody knows its true origins. Some historians attribute the day of foolish jokes to the adoption of the Gregorian calendar in France, while others link April 1st to springtime “renewal” festivals in which pranks happily disrupted everyday social order. At Gulfshore Insurance, we love a good laugh as much as anyone, but some “pranks” (like car insurance fraud) are no laughing matter. After all, fraud not only affects insurance companies, it affects us as individuals as well.  In fact, the FBI estimates that the average family pays $400 to $700 more on insurance premiums due to fraud. To help fight back, we break down some common scams and provide tips on how you can avoid them. Read more

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Claims Management professionals have one of the most interesting and demanding jobs in the insurance industry. Hearing countless tales of destruction and devastation can take its toll. But every once in a while, a claim comes along that no doubt raises an eyebrow. Here, we reveal some of the more bizarre insurance claims we have experienced. Read more

water-damageDid you know that water damage is one of the most commonly cited claims on home insurance? This should not come as a total surprise considering the many possible causes of water damage – heavy rain, bursting of pipes, and the bathtub accidentally overflowing. After making sure that you and those you live with are safely out of harm’s way, here are five important steps you should take if you experience water damage in your home. Read more

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Big changes are coming to the NCCI’s Workers Compensation Experience Modification Rate (EMR). Effective January 1, 2013, Florida business will see a change in the way past workers’ compensation claims impact their EMR and future premiums…. Read more

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