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Everyone knows April Fools’ Day is good for a few laughs, but nobody knows its true origins. Some historians attribute the day of foolish jokes to the adoption of the Gregorian calendar in France, while others link April 1st to springtime “renewal” festivals in which pranks happily disrupted everyday social order. At Gulfshore Insurance, we love a good laugh as much as anyone, but some “pranks” (like car insurance fraud) are no laughing matter. After all, fraud not only affects insurance companies, it affects us as individuals as well.  In fact, the FBI estimates that the average family pays $400 to $700 more on insurance premiums due to fraud. To help fight back, we break down some common scams and provide tips on how you can avoid them. Read more

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Insurance analysts predict modest rate increases for property and casualty risks will extend into 2013, as the overall economic environment is not expected to change dramatically in the coming year. Read more

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Workers’ Compensation has fast become a leading cost factor in business insurance programs. Premiums are at an all-time high within many business classes and the indirect costs associated with employee injuries are often two to three times the premium. Many businesses are left feeling helpless in controlling these costs and do not realize the level of control they can have. Below, we offer six key strategies to help effectively control your workers’ compensation costs. … Read more

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