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DPASEvery five seconds there is a vehicle crash in the United States. Wouldn’t you like to know if your drivers are at a greater risk of being involved in an accident? The Driver Performance Analysis System (DPAS) is a tool that can help. DPAS is a two-phase driver performance measurement and analysis program which, when completed, is a valid and reliable measure of a driver’s traffic related knowledge and skills.

The DPAS system evaluates a driver’s capability in four critical dimensions:

  1. Traffic Knowledge
  2. Perceptual Skills
  3. Traffic Risk and
  4. Traffic Procedures

The system produces results in terms of:

  1. Score (relative to the universe)
  2. Likelihood of being involved in a crash
  3. Probability that training will improve abilities in each of the four areas.

This interactive, web-based tool can help:

  • Identify high-risk drivers
  • Improve driver abilities
  • Reduce crashes
  • Enhance hiring decisions
  • Minimize claims
  • Reduce liability
  • Instill professionalism
  • Reward low-risk drivers
  • Enhance profitability

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Although employers rightfully appreciate the efficiency and responsiveness of employees who use cell phones (and smart phones) to get their work done, they must also be aware of the financial and safety risks created by the use of these devices while driving. Employers are facing increased liability exposures from employee use of mobile phones to text, make calls, etc. while on the road. Read more

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Commercial Lines MVR Checks When Hiring Can Help Strengthen Your Fleet Safety ProgramIn today’s difficult business environment, it’s critical for companies to make a firm commitment to risk management. One essential element of an overall risk management program is employee screening. By carefully screening prospective hires, companies can help ensure that they hire reliable, honest employees. Companies with employee drivers should take every reasonable step to make sure that those individuals are safe drivers to reduce risk and protect their businesses. Among those steps is the use of Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) to check an applicant’s driving history. MVR checks of employees have become a critical Fleet Safety Program component and can protect a company against litigation following an accident…. Read more

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