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An effective Return to Work (RTW) program can have lasting benefits for a company that implements it correctly. The goal of a RTW program is to ultimately reduce all costs associated with Workers’ Compensation (hard costs like premium, retained losses, and allocated expenses, as well as soft costs like reduced production, overtime/shift differential, and lower morale). While reductions in these costs will be felt directly, there are some additional advantages to an effective RTW program… Read more

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Big changes are coming to the NCCI’s Workers Compensation Experience Modification Rate (EMR). Effective January 1, 2013, Florida business will see a change in the way past workers’ compensation claims impact their EMR and future premiums…. Read more

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APL + B + (W x AEL) + (1-W) x EEL =EMR
EPL + B + (W x EEL) + (1-W) x EEL

This equation isn’t too scary, is it? Certainly not scary if you know what all the abbreviations mean. Here, let’s see if this helps… Read more

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When examining your own safety reward program or when building one from scratch, consider the following guidelines:… Read more

Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) have grown in popularity and provide many valuable services for their clients. In most arrangements between the PEO and its client, the PEO agrees to perform specified employer responsibilities for the leased workers, including some or all of the following… Read more

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