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water-damageDid you know that water damage is one of the most commonly cited claims on home insurance? This should not come as a total surprise considering the many possible causes of water damage – heavy rain, bursting of pipes, and the bathtub accidentally overflowing. After making sure that you and those you live with are safely out of harm’s way, here are five important steps you should take if you experience water damage in your home. Read more

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Real change in safety performance will come about with a change in the safety culture of an organization. Think about the change in the use of seat belts from 30 years ago to now. What got people to put them on without even thinking about them? Gory accidents? Probably not. It was leadership backing up a change in behavior, and then repetitive education, enforcement, and encouragement. Change in culture requires consistent leadership and repetition. A systematic change in the values of the target audience is needed, not a new priority that comes and goes with funding priorities. There are certain steps safety managers can take to make safety a greater value to management and front-line employees. Here are nine steps to a successful safety culture: Read more

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Many buyers in Florida deed their homes to Trusts or LLC’s for tax and/or probate purposes. What these buyers may not know is that they may face higher premiums by going this route rather than personally deeding the property. Reason being, some of the more competitive insurance companies in Florida do not necessarily want to insure properties owned by LLC’s and in some cases, will not insure the Trust depending on who is assigned as grantor/trustee because it creates a greater liability exposure. Read more

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Every home will have a market value and replacement cost estimate; however, each value is totally independent and applied to difference uses. Read more

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If you are among the millions of people who have included wellness in their new year’s resolutions, there are lots of great apps for your smart phone that will definitely come in handy. Whatever your goal, there’s an app for your phone or tablet to guide you and track your progress. In many cases, these apps are free. The key is to use the apps as tools to help you stay on track — and to not get overwhelmed by their bells and whistles. The best ones are simple and useful, motivating you to stay on course. Here are 10 of the top wellness apps to consider for the New Year. Read more

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