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Employee VacationVacation season is coming. You understand the importance of a relaxing vacation to your employees’ morale and energy. And you probably need a break yourself. But that doesn’t change the fact that vacations can disrupt work for everyone still in the office.

Here’s how to keep your workplace productive and efficient when people are “tripping” out… Read more

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Despite our best efforts, any trip or vacation can have its own unwanted surprises: your luggage is lost; you twist your ankle while sightseeing; you receive urgent news from home. We have some great tips to help you prepare for the unexpected with smart, summer travel…. Read more

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Hotel SafeAfter an around-the-world cruise, Raymond and Barbara Carye of Boston lost $350,000 worth of jewelry while staying at a south Florida resort. Their safe was evidently opened with a master cylinder (which had been labeled master cylinder and left sitting in an unlocked office). They sued the hotel but were unable to prove negligence. In some states, even if they had proven negligence the protective innkeeper-liability laws would have prevented them from recovering more than a small fraction of their loss. … Read more

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TipsHave you ever left for vacation with a nagging feeling that you forgot something? Maybe you forgot to leave the answering machine on, or didn’t give your neighbor a set of keys to water the plants. To ensure your home will be in the same shape as when you left, we’ve prepared some tips to help you prepare your home so that you can leave your worries behind and head out for a great vacation.

Here’s a list to get you started… Read more

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Gulfshore Insurance, along with our carrier partners, works closely with clients to implement risk control activities that prevent the occurrence of accidents and injuries. However, with all the prevention in the world, it doesn’t ever completely stop accidents from happening. When faced with a Workers Compensation (WC) claim, it is important to keep in mind one critical recommendation: Pay Attention to Indemnity Payments! … Read more

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