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With the holidays quickly approaching it is important to be sensitive to all employees’ cultural and religious beliefs. Many employees will decorate their office spaces with trinkets and ornaments revealing their religious beliefs during the holidays. With employee claims of religious discrimination on the rise in the U.S. and workers’ expressions of faith growing more diverse, companies are dealing with the complexities of managing religion on the job.

Religious discrimination is a serious matter, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission religion-based complaints have more than doubled in the past 15 years, and are growing at an even faster pace. While the act is non-physical, religious discrimination can cause serious emotional harm.

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Holidays are often remembered with fond memories and filled with abundance but that isn’t always the case for everyone. This holiday season find ways you and your company can make a small difference in your community and help those that are less-fortunate. Here are 4 tips to help your organization bring joy to others this season.

    1. Food. Companies never have a shortage of holiday treats lying around; it seems no matter where you turn there is a stash of goodies. Break rooms and offices alike are filled with baked goods from coworkers and vendors. Not to mention the company potlucks and holiday celebrations. It seems food is everywhere but what about in the community food banks and shelters. This holiday season consider donating the extra food to the shelters or asking your vendors to send your gift to those in need this year.

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    Holiday_OvereatingDid you know that eating just one extra cookie every day during the holiday season could cause you to gain a pound or more? That may not sound like much, but 10 years from now you would weigh ten pounds more than you do right now. Many people gain four to five pounds this time of year because of the temptation of delicious treats and extravagant dinners. The holiday season is a time filled with parties, family gatherings and lots of food, but with a little help, you can keep from eating too much during the holidays. If you continue to eat a healthy and nutritious diet, you will feel better and have more energy to enjoy the season. Here are 10 tips to help you avoid eating too much during the holidays. Read more

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    If you are among the millions of people who have included wellness in their new year’s resolutions, there are lots of great apps for your smart phone that will definitely come in handy. Whatever your goal, there’s an app for your phone or tablet to guide you and track your progress. In many cases, these apps are free. The key is to use the apps as tools to help you stay on track — and to not get overwhelmed by their bells and whistles. The best ones are simple and useful, motivating you to stay on course. Here are 10 of the top wellness apps to consider for the New Year. Read more

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