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Beth Bellairs is a Client Executive at Gulfshore Insurance. She is a licensed property and casualty insurance agent and has earned five professional designations (AAI, ACSR, AIAM, CPIA, CPIW). Beth earned a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Southern Conneticut State University. Beth strikes a balance between managing the cost of one’s insurance program, while making sure they are appropriately insured for their level of risk exposure.

Extended Deadline for Pool Lifts is May 15
Responding to concerns expressed by the hotel, pool and spa manufacturing industries, and those of a number of U.S. Congressmen, on March 15, the White House plunged into the swimming pool access controversy by issuing a 60-day extension to implement the 2010 ADA Standards for pool lifts. As a result of this action, the new deadline for installing pool lifts is May 15, 2012, but that too may change.

March 15 Deadline Remains for All Other Provisions of New ADA Standards
The March 15, 2012 compliance date remains in effect for all other provisions of the 2010 Standards. The Department of Justice will soon publish a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking giving the public 15 days to express their views.

What You Should Do Now…
So, the compliance date for installing pool lifts is now May 15, 2012 and may be extended again. At this point, the 2010 technical Standards are unresolved. You should have a plan in place to comply with the new pool and spa access requirements. However, you may be well advised to put your toe in the water before you take the plunge to buy pool lifts until the DOJ determines precisely what types of pool lifts satisfy with the Standards.

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