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Claims Management

Mitigating the cost of claims is a key component in reducing the total cost of risk and, ultimately, your insurance premiums. Gulfshore Insurance’s clients feel confident
knowing they have a dedicated, in-house claims advocacy team working on their behalf to provide the following services:

Claims Review

Gulfshore Insurance clients are kept abreast of key claims information through onsite visits and phone reviews. We will develop specific action plans for individual claims based on our clients’ predetermined criteria. Claims are most commonly reviewed based upon the following:

Defined dollar value
Injury type
Litigation involvement
Lost time status
Lag time

Claims Report Briefing

The Claims Report Brief is a compilation of qualifying claims prepared jointly by Gulfshore Insurance and the insurance carrier claims adjusters. The Claims Report Brief provides clients with complete information on all claims management process details, including:

Accident description
Subrogation status
Paid and outstanding Medical & Indemnity values
Litigation status
Claim notes
Report of payments
Light duty potential
Action plan
Expected outcome

Special Claims Handling Service Instructions (SSIs)

For clients interested in being more closely involved in the management of their claims, Gulfshore Insurance can negotiate SSIs that will hold the insurance carrier(s) accountable for services above and beyond what is customary. SSIs are commonly negotiated to give policyholders and agents more control in the following areas:

Claims phone notification thresholds
Claims reserve change thresholds
Settlement notification thresholds (in rare cases, settlement authority)
Multiple in-person claims reviews
Choice of legal counsel
Specific adjusters
Specific claims offices
Claimant, policyholder, and physician contact protocols
Customized claims metrics reports


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