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Construction Industry Solutions

At Gulfshore Insurance, we understand that when you work in the construction industry, risk is always part of the job. Builders, contractors, and trade specialists at all levels of a project can depend on Gulfshore Insurance’s deep construction industry risk management expertise.


Gulfshore Insurance has extensive experience in delivering bonding solutions to the construction industry, from a simple, small project all the way up to multi-million dollar, highly complex projects. We are ready to serve your bonding needs quickly and efficiently. We have relationships with top bonding agencies, and can place bid bonds, performance bonds, maintenance bonds, and more.

Contractors Equipment

Whether you own, rent, or lease equipment for your construction business, some form of contractor’s equipment insurance is necessary to protect your investment and reduce your loss in the event of damage to your tools or machinery. The experts at Gulfshore Insurance can help determine the proper coverage structure to eliminate the possibility of coverage gaps in the event of a loss.

Builder’s Risk

Whether the project is a large high rise or a residential renovation, builders are exposed to many different risks during the construction phase of a project. From fires, to theft, to unforeseen natural disasters, building owners and builders are left to pick up the pieces. A builders risk insurance policy protects against these perils and more. Our experts understand the coverages and services you need to keep your projects moving forward.

Wrap Up

Gulfshore Insurance offers both contractor-controlled insurance programs (CCIP) and ownercontrolled insurance programs (OCIP). These programs are tailored to your complex needs and designed to save premium costs through economy of scales, administrative savings, and aggressive loss control and claims practices. Our construction experts develop and service projectspecific CIPs for our clients as recommended.


Believe it or not, most contractors have a pollution liability exposure of some type. Hidden contaminants already on a project site, such as contaminated fill dirt, underground storage tanks, utility lines, buried wastes, asbestos and lead paint, present just as much, if not more, potential liability for a contractor. Whether it’s direct or vicarious, the exposure exists. We will help you navigate your exposure and find the appropriate solution to manage that risk.

Safety & Loss Prevention

When you choose Gulfshore Insurance, you’ll be making the choice to focus on risk management, protecting employees from work-related injuries, and cost containment strategies, all while increasing your peace of mind – and bottom line. You will have dedicated experts working with you to identify your specific exposures; develop strategies to handle those risks; implement insurance programs and coverages to meet your needs; and continue to monitor and adjust your plan to ensure a perfect fit.


There is no such thing as perfect security, and the construction industry is not immune from a cyberattack. If cyber criminals gain access to construction data, they could seriously disrupt a project by destroying data servers and infrastructure, or by threatening the safety of people onsite. Your commercial insurance policy will not cover damages caused by data breaches. Cyber insurance will cover the costs of recovering from a data breach or malicious attack on your data systems. It is imperative that construction companies prepare and protect themselves from a cyber event.

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