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Sprinkler1Underwriters Laboratory (UL) has notified distributors, contractors, regulatory agencies, fire departments, & jurisdictional authorities of recently discovered counterfeit sprinkler heads. The counterfeit thermal bulb activated sprinkler heads, mimicking Nanjing Fire Protection Technology Company’s Fire Sprinkler Model NX005, can be identified by the “NX” or “C-I” markings on the wrench boss of the fire sprinkler frame. It may also have “model NX005” on the sprinkler deflector and bear the counterfeited UL Mark. Nanjing Fire Protection Technology Co Ltd do not have the “NX” or “C-I” markings on the wrench boss.

As with all counterfeit products, the dependability of this sprinkler head is suspect. In the event of a fire, this product may fail to activate or operate causing substantial property damage & possible loss of life. These products may also leak or fail at any time causing considerable water damage.

Sprinkler2If your sprinklered property has any glass bulb sprinkler heads, especially those manufactured by the Nanjing Fire Protection Technology Co Ltd, you should verify, or have your sprinkler service contractor verify, that the installed heads are not counterfeit & will perform as expected. All counterfeit heads should be replaced as soon as possible & the proper authorities notified.

Counterfeit sprinkler heads are not uncommon. There have been reports of these products over the years by both UL & the manufactures that were victims of counterfeiting. Counterfeiters have become so proficient at copying well-known brands & trademarks that often only trained personnel can spot the fakes.

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