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Personal Lines Loss Prevention for High Net Worth ExposuresThere is no question that successful individuals and families have always treasured the aesthetic value of their homes and collections of artwork, wine, classic cars, antiques, and other collectibles. Too often, homeowners fail to protect their most prized possessions through proper loss prevention. Risks from water damage, sun exposure, careless transport, and improper storage could severely damage a collection and leave the homeowner with significant financial and emotional loss. The best way to protect a home and property is to prevent losses from ever happening in the first place. Below are several critical components to a comprehensive loss prevention program.


Home Inventory
An updated home inventory may be the single most important step available to protecting valuable items. The inventory represents the starting point for proper protection. Should a loss occur, keeping an inventory will also make the insurance claims process much easier.

Risk Management Appraisals
Gulfshore Insurance utilizes our proprietary Personal Risk Assessment to identify clients’ unique risks and exposures, while uncovering their preferences and expectations should a future loss occur. We analyze existing insurance policies to identify potential gaps in coverage and highlight program deficiencies that expose clients to unnecessary loss.

Water and Gas Shutoff Devices
Did you know that water is the number one threat of damage to luxury homes? And in most cases, water damage is preventable. Every year more than 2.5 million homeowners fall victim to water damage exceeding billions of dollars in preventable losses. Reputable water mitigation vendors can install sensors around appliances where water leaks commonly occur, thus avoiding costly claims.

Infrared Home Examinations
Utilizing infrared cameras to identify hidden hazards such as moisture in the walls, hot circuit boxes, or electrical panels can be an important step in your overall loss prevention program. It is important to correct these problems before they become expensive issues that turn into a homeowners’ insurance claim.

Home Safety & Security Assessments
Gulfshore Insurance can help facilitate locating and selecting a reputable third-party vendor that specializes in loss prevention services. These professionals will assess your home; address any issues related to the home’s structural integrity, safety, and security; and make recommendations on how to best protect your assets.

Disaster and Emergency Preparation
Preparedness should be paramount for those living in hurricane‐prone states. From hurricane shutters to family and valuables evacuation plans, there are many things you can do to avoid potential damage and be ready to evacuate should the need arise.

Employee Background Checks
When it comes to protecting your loved ones and your possessions, additional considerations are necessary, such as training domestic staff in the management of deliveries, visitor emergency procedures, and first aid. Background screenings of those staff members employed or contracted are also crucial.


Ron Lazarto, CPRIA is a Client Advisor and Partner at Gulfshore Insurance specializing in Private Risk Services. Ron specializes in offering customized property and casualty insurance solutions for successful individuals and their families. Comments and questions are welcome at

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