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Measuring Results

“What gets measured, gets done!” After establishing specific annual objectives based on the results of the Operational Assessment, Gulfshore Insurance
provides ongoing feedback and updates, including the following reports:

Risk Management Service Calendar

All annual activities and services are recorded on a Risk Management Service Calendar to establish clear accountability throughout the year. This living document contains mutually agreed upon reports, services, meetings, and trainings that serve the goal of reducing claims frequency and severity while improving your risk profile.

NCCI Experience Mod Audit & Analysis

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This report details feedback on all critical areas of a
company’s Workers’ Compensation Experience
Modification Rate (EMR). Not only do we explain
the important features that influence a fluctuation in
your EMR, but we also identify the following
components unique to your company:

Minimum Experience Mod
Controllable Experience Mod
Premium Savings Potential for Controllable Mod
Top 10 Most Influential Claims
Minimum Claim Values that Affect the EMR by 1 Point
“Break Even” Values
Future EMR Forecast

Annual Stewardship Report

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We conduct regular reviews of all aspects of the risk management process. The Stewardship Evaluation
identifies risks, manages claims performance, executes loss control activities, and provides risk financing options that meet your current and long-term objectives. The Stewardship Report is a detailed summary of annual objectives, current results, and the activities that will continue to improve your overall performance. Our annual Stewardship Report includes following:

Executive Summary
Updated Risk Management Service Calendar
Frequency & Loss Rate Trends
Loss Source Analysis
Observations & Recommendations


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