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Condominium & Homeowner Associations

At Gulfshore Insurance, we understand that procuring proper insurance coverage for your community or condominium association can be a daunting task. Community Association Managers, board members, and unit owners depend on Gulfshore Insurance’s deep association insurance risk management expertise to help navigate the maze that insuring an association can be.

Condominium & Homeowner Associations

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Association Knowledge

Gulfshore Insurance has been successfully insuring and protecting Community Associations throughout Florida for more nearly 50 years. We currently insure over 700 community and condominium associations throughout Florida, offering professional service from experienced and knowledgeable personnel who specialize in condo associations and understand their unique features. We work with condominium property managers and association Boards to diagnose and recommend the appropriate insurance coverage for your association.

Risk Management Expertise

When you choose Gulfshore Insurance, you’ll be making the choice to focus on risk management. We are committed to identifying your specific exposures; developing strategies to handle those risks; implementing insurance programs and coverages to meet your needs; and continuing to monitor and adjust your plan to ensure a perfect fit with your association. Gulfshore Insurance will provide construction and sub-contractor review; insurance requirements for lease agreements, budget recommendations, vendor and supplier agreements, claims management, and proactive safety and loss control recommendations.

Continuing Education

At Gulfshore Insurance, our team of experienced community association specialists offers insurance and risk management Continuing Education seminars for Community Association Managers (CAMs) & Board Members. Talk to us about hosting one of our courses in your area.

Claims Advocates

Our clients feel confident knowing that Gulfshore Insurance has in-house, dedicated and licensed Claims Advocates who will provide the best advice in the event of a loss. Whether it is assisting you with disaster recovery, providing inspections of damaged property, or analyzing the Association’s past claims to determine any patterns or trends, our Claims Advocates provide professional advice for an efficient claims submission and recovery.

A Consistently Impeccable Experience

Our #1 priority is ensuring a great service experience each and every time. Our clients can always count on us to be reliable, responsive, well-informed, and with their best interests in mind. At the heart of the agency’s success is our devotion to client relationships. Gulfshore Insurance is focused on continuing to build strong, long-lasting relationships to help clients obtain a better return on their investment through proper implementation and management of their insurance programs.

We Care!

We are passionate about protecting our clients. We care about our clients’ families and businesses as much as we care about having their business. These aren’t just names in a rolodex. They’re our strategic partners and friends. And we don’t just talk about caring for our clients; we prove it every day through the actions of our team and our desire to go above and beyond for the needs of our clients.

Dedicated Client Advisors

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