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HFTPGulfshore Insurance’s uniquely qualified Advisors are dedicated to providing insurance and risk management solutions specific to the golf andcountry club industry.Our extensive experience in this industry allows Gulfshore Insurance the ability to offer unique risk management strategies for this market niche.We work closely with you to get an in-depth understanding of your club’s operations and financial objectives. We determine risk-management solutions, make recommendations and place coverage with one of our selected insurance carriers.

Industry News

Club Specific Insurance

Golf & Country Clubs have unique exposures which traditional insurance does not address. Gulfshore Insurance knows the following additional coverage is critical for club operations, and we can help you secure the necessary coverages:Golf Carts with GPS; Hole-in-One Reimbursement; Tee to Green; Personal Property—Seasonal Increase; Trees, Shrubs, and Plants; Damage to Members/Guest Autos; Additional Club Property; Personal Effects of Club Members; Food Contamination

Risk Management Expertise

When you choose Gulfshore Insurance, you’ll be making the choice to focus on risk management. We are committed to identifying your specific exposures; developing strategies to handle those risks; implementing insurance programs and coverages to meet your needs; and continuing to monitor and adjust your plan to ensure a perfect fit with your association. By identifying, analyzing, and controlling exposures and safety hazards, Gulfshore Insurance can help you to reduce costs associated with accidents, claims, and insurance premiums.

Superior Market Access

At Gulfshore Insurance, we proactively remain abreast of each carrier’s unique underwriting criteria, and deliver our submission packages to those that can provide the best fit for you at the best price. Our golf and country club experts are well-versed in the intricacies of specialized coverages and risk management strategies and insurance for this industry.

Claims Advocates

Our clients feel confident knowing that Gulfshore Insurance has in-house, dedicated and licensed Claims Advocates who will provide the best advice in the event of a loss. Whether it is assisting you with disaster recovery, providing inspections of damaged property, or analyzing past claims to determine any patterns or trends, our Claims Advocates provide professional advice for an efficient claims submission and recovery.

A Consistently Impeccable Experience

Our #1 priority is ensuring a great service experience each and every time. Our clients can always count on us to be reliable, responsive, well-informed, and with their best interests in mind. At the heart of the agency’s success is our devotion to client relationships. Gulfshore Insurance is focused on continuing to build strong, long-lasting relationships to help clients obtain a better return on their investment through proper implementation and management of their insurance programs.

We Care!

We are passionate about protecting our clients. We care about our clients’ families and businesses as much as we care about having their business. These aren’t just names in a rolodex. They’re our strategic partners and friends. And we don’t just talk about caring for our clients; we prove it every day through the actions of our team and our desire to go above and beyond for the needs of our clients.

Dedicated Client Advisors

Connect with one of our dedicated Golf & Country Club Client Advisors.

  • Ryan Schmidt

    Client Advisor, Partner, Commercial Lines 239.213.2813 239.659.6651
  • Greg Havemeier

    Senior Vice President, Partner 239.435.7106
  • Jeffrey R. Sanders

    Associate Client Advisor 239.430.7532 239.213.2813