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Personal Lines Preparing for Hurricane Season During COVID 19

Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1, and this year’s hurricane season is predicted to be more active than normal, with a higher likelihood of a major hurricane touching down on the U.S. coastline. These predictions compound potential issues for homeowners already stressed and sheltering in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. Given indications that the outbreak will continue into the hurricane season, this situation requires a new kind of planning. Among the many issues to be considered:

Evacuation will have extra complications

There is much we still do not know about how officials will handle evacuations considering the pandemic. Florida officials are considering adjusting the state’s hurricane-response plans to prepare for the possibility of an early storm season intersecting with the COVID-19 pandemic. With the dramatic decrease in airline schedules, getting out of the way in case a hurricane is headed your way is set to become even more difficult. Staying at a hotel or with friends or family who live farther inland will likely be better options than relying on a large emergency shelter.

Stocking up on supplies and food

Since shortages of various items are increasingly common these days, experts are urging homeowners to proactively line-up defenses and be ready for heightened storm activity, before the rush that occurs when hurricane and tropical storm forecasts threaten our area. Household stocking of supplies may be even more critical than normal to get through the hurricane season. Stock up early on items such as batteries, flashlights, a battery-operated radio, fully charged back up cell phone chargers, first aid kits, nonperishable food and medicine.

Protecting valuable property 

Once personal safety is addressed, your plan should also consider protecting property. Who is going to be responsible for installing storm shutters or testing sump pumps and making sure there’s sufficient battery backup? In addition, valuable collections that previously were able to wait until a warning had been issued to call a service to pick up and store may no longer be a feasible option. Consider preemptively removing some property out of harm’s way while you have the resources available.

While there are many questions that remain about how this hurricane season will play out, we will continue to provide information and updates to keep you in the know. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Andrea Pelletier, CPRIA, CPIA is Client Advisor and Partner at Gulfshore Insurance specializing in Private Risk Services. Andrea works with successful individuals and their families on creating and customizing package insurance solutions in the areas of luxury homes, car collections, jewelry, fine arts, watercraft, and personal excess liability. Comments and questions are welcome at