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Discovering polybutylene piping in a home can be a difficult obstacle to overcome when buying or selling a property. Insurance carriers do not typically want to insure properties with this type of plumbing and may require homeowners to replace this piping to insure the property. …

Fortunately, there is a re-piping solution that is non-invasive and reasonably priced. The process caps off the poly piping and new pipes are run through the walls. For the average home or condo unit, the re-piping cost is typically between $3,500 and $10,000 depending on the number of bathrooms and sinks. The best part is that in many cases it can be done in one day!

Re-piping a property will result in small holes to some walls of the home. So, drywall contractors may be needed as part of the total process in order to patch the walls. This would typically be an additional charge.

There are several reputable plumbers in our community who have experience re-piping homes; however, we’ve found Aztec Plumbing to be one of the most experienced in the area. They also provide a free estimate and patching the holes as part of their service. You can learn more and download a $200 coupon on Aztec Plumbing’s website at:

As for insurance coverage, we can generally obtain approval to place the insurance with the stipulation that the property be re-piped within 30 days. A copy of a signed plumbing contract would be needed to obtain that exception.

Don’t allow a closing to fall through due to polybutylene piping. Let your clients know there is an inexpensive, quick, and effective solution available!