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Construction work injuryWe know that employee workplace injuries drive up your cost of insurance. It is also no surprise that employees who work in physical trades are more susceptible to a workplace injury. Knowing the most common workplace injuries across all types of construction companies can help you prevent them from occurring.

Here are the Top 5 Workplace Injuries for the Construction Industry.

Cuts & Lacerations:
Construction workers are always at risk of cuts and gashes from a myriad of potential dangers. However, these are often the easiest to avoid. Make sure you crews are using and wearing their PPE!

Slipping, tripping and falling should always be of concern. A fall from just one or two steps up on a ladder can result in broken bones and severe injury. Remind your crews to use extreme caution and proper technique with ladders and scaffolding and keep work areas neat and clear of tripping hazards.

Head Injuries:
The two main causes are falling objects and workers hitting their head on objects. Hard hats can prevent most of these injuries – be sure your crews are using them!

Burns are always near the top of the list of most common construction injuries. Hot equipment, exposed wires, chemicals, etc. are all contributors to this category.

Heat Stroke:
It should be no surprise that heat stroke makes it into the top 5 in the state of Florida. If your employees are exposed to the elements, give them the tools they need to be protected from the heat. Water coolers, Gatorade, tents for shade. These are small expenses that will go a long way for moral and the safety of your employees.

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