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Is your home buyer paying cash? Here’s what you need to know so you can inform the buyer.

Sometimes timing is everything, and when your client purchases a new property free and clear the subject of insurance may take a back seat.

  • Did you know that more than half of the insurance companies writing new homeowner policies in Florida will not insure a property if it has been left uninsured for more than 30 days?
  • Did you know that the companies then willing to place that property coverage will surcharge the policy up to 20%?

A great way to avoid unnecessary increases in homeowner premium is to consult with your homebuyer well in advance of the closing date so that the placement of coverage on the ‘date of settlement’ is their very best positioning. This will allow your homebuyer to purchase comprehensive protection for their home, have access to the best carriers in the marketplace, and receive the best value for their money.

You can refer your client to a member of our knowledgeable team who can assist them with the placement of their home, wind, and flood insurance. Rely on us to be your experts.

Andrea Pelletier, CPIA is a Client Advisor at Gulfshore Insurance. Andrea works with a wide range of clients to deliver strategic risk management and insurance guidance. Comments and questions are welcome at

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